Ditch the Ramen, Live the Dream

… and I will teach you to be rich! Put an end to starvation diets and spreadsheets for budgeting. I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi presents a new, practical approach to personal finance while discarding the outdated manual. This book will help you create a system for handling your finances, giving up ramen noodles, and leading the life you truly deserve.

The Money Manifesto of Sethi, the main points:

  • Be Your Own Money Boss: Sethi shows you how to define “rich” for yourself instead of promoting “get rich quick” scams. Perhaps it’s elegant travels or looking good in luxury shoes (without the guilt!). He assists you in developing a strategy to reach your financial objectives.
  • Sethi is all about the 80/20 rule, so concentrate on the big wins. Don’t worry about the little things. He assists you in determining which 20% of your efforts will yield 80% of the desired outcomes. Can you picture forgoing a few daily lattes and using that cash for an incredible trip instead?
  • Automate Your Financial Machine: Sethi is against squandering time or money on financial activities. In order to have your money grow on its own, he demonstrates how to set up automatic payments to investments and savings. Consider putting your money on “cruise control.”
  • Sethi gives you the tools to negotiate like a boss by teaching you ninja techniques. He teaches you scripts and techniques to simply ask for a better deal, which may save you money on everything from decreasing your cable bill to receiving a raise.

The easiest, and FREE, way to read the I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi is, while, not to read but listen the audiobook version, narrated by the author himself!

The Money Makeover in Six Weeks. Sethi divides his money management course into six doable sections:

  • Week 1: Launch Your Rich Life: This week is all about establishing objectives and gaining a comprehensive understanding of your present financial status. Consider it an investigation of financial facts.
  • Week 2: Without Breaking the Bank, Bank Like a Baller Embrace the end of deceptive bank fees! Finding high-interest accounts, avoiding pointless expenses, and even earning some delicious credit card rewards are all skills that Sethi teaches you (without becoming stuck by hefty annual fees).
  • Week 3: Emergency Savings First Class: There are surprises in life. Building a strong emergency fund is the focus this week in order to prepare for unforeseen financial expenses. The automobile chose to go on vacation, therefore there would be no more ramen evenings.
  • Week 4: Making Easy Investments Although it sometimes seem like rocket science, Sethi simplifies investing. He tells you about inexpensive index funds, which are a tried-and-true method of long-term money growth without all the hassle.
  • Week 5: Budgeting Without the Tears: Sethi explains his “envelope system” for budgeting in place of the tedious spreadsheets. With the aid of this strategy, you can manage your finances toward your objectives and prevent pointless spending binges.
  • Week 6: Healthcare and Retirement, Organized: By guiding you through the complex world of health insurance and retirement planning, Sethi helps you become ready for the future. It’s adulthood time!

Should You Read This Book?

For young professionals (think 20- to 35-year-olds) who want to take charge of their finances and are sick of feeling helpless, this book is a treasure. If you’re prepared to let go of financial worry and create a life you enjoy that you can afford, this is ideal. Sethi’s lucid explanations and practical procedures make it easy to get started even if you’re not an expert in finance. Your financially secure future is waiting for you, so put down the ramen and pick up a copy of I Will Teach You To Be Rich instead!

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